How Do Sales Professionals Go The Extra Mile and Get Paid More

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Learning the secrets to getting paid more as an entrepreneur or sales professional can mean the difference between a low 4 figure monthly income mid a 5 figure monthly income.

So what one secret is going to help you get paid more as an entrepreneur or sales professional?

Here’s three,

· Give more and better service than you are paid for.
· Be willing to go the extra mile and expect nothing in return.
· Provide as much value as you can for free to help your followers solve their issues.

By doing this you are allowing your prospective customers and business partners to experience what doing business with you is like before they even partner with you or make any purchases.

Remember people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

Keep this in mind; as entrepreneurs and sales professionals, doesn’t matter what we are selling. We have a responsibility to help educate our clients about our products and services.

Consider this thought from Napoleon Hill

Before worrying about how to get more pay, try thinking how you can do a better job and you may not need to worry.

When you devote your time and efforts to doing your best at every job you do, instead of developing persuasive arguments why you should be paid more for what you do, the pay raises will take care of themselves. When you approach every job enthusiastically in a spirit of friendly cooperation, you distinguish yourself from the vast majority of people whose primary concerns include breaks, benefits, paychecks, and quitting time. Don’t complain about your status or your pay to anyone, not even to your best friend. Word will eventually get back to the boss. Which type of worker would you rather have on your team: one who complains constantly or one who is always helpful, cheerful, and reliable?

So how will you go above and beyond and provide more and better service than you are paid for this week?

I’m looking forward to your comments.


service with a smile


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Kicking off the 4th quarter of 2014

I strongly encourage you to reflect on the importance of this message before the day is over and you retire for the evening.

Monday September 1st 2014

Many people today are under the false impression that good intentions are more important than results. Many people are also under the illusion that effort is the same as accomplishment. NOT SO!

You’ll see people putting in countless hours at work, struggling to keep up with their hectic schedules and voicing their frustrations all the while about how their boss or co-workers don’t recognize or appreciate their efforts.

If you were to ask people at random to name ONE significant goal they have achieved since the beginning of the year, many would find it a bit difficult to come up with anything of significance.

The fact is that when it comes to the goals you set for yourself,
you are RIGHT NOW – at this very instant – in one of three positions.

WINNING – Ahead of your predetermined goals for 2014.

LOSING – Behind your predetermined goals for 2014.

TIED – On target with your predetermined goals for 2014.

It is now September 1st, the beginning of the month and 4th quarter of the year.

Are you 75% of the way towards achieving your goals? Are you going to end this year with a bang or a whimper?


If you had ambitions of making over $100,000 this year, you should
already have made $75,000. Are you on track?

If you had ambitions of losing 50lbs this year, you should have already lost 37 ½ lbs. Are you on track?

If not, we need to ramp up the level of urgency in your efforts. You need to
realize that the amount of time you have to make 2014 the absolute
best year of your life is quickly passing. It is time that you cannot get back.

I’ve heard many people say at the beginning of the year that this year is going to be their year. It’s not to late to follow through on that promise to yourself.

I have some good news. Make that great news!

There is a program called the 100-Day Challenge, its specifically designed to show you
how to achieve BIG GOALS quickly, and I mean very quickly.

But its up to you to take the challenge seriously, enforce
personal accountability, and put the strategies and ideas shared with you into action.

You can’t just be a dreamer, and if you want to turn your life
or business around, it’s going to require some serious hustle on your part.

If you’re ready to get started, click here and
you’ll soon discover how over 40,000 people from more 80 countries
around the world are using the 100-Day Challenge to transform
their lives in so many wonderful ways.

One last thing, put your seat belt on as things are about to
move pretty fast in your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

P.S. If you’ve got a serious performance issue and you can spot
it quickly in the year, you have both an opportunity and a
obligation to fix it fast before it metastasizes like a cancer.

In other words, if you know you are behind target as of today –
September 1st and choose not to take corrective action, you are
in effect digging a bigger, deeper hole that you may never be
able to climb out of.

The time to act and turn it around is now!

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