Happy Presidents’ Day from Jason’s Secrets to Wealth

Happy Presidents’ Day here in the U.S.


I know other Countries like New Zealand, Fiji and The Bahamas don’t celebrate this Holiday, but I’m curious, what leaders do you celebrate or dedicate a day to remembering?

Let’s invest the remainder of this week learning about them. POST WHAT YOU LEARN HERE IN THE GROUP.
It’s Presidents’ Week / National Leaders week

Here’s a quote from our 1st President George Washington

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

Check back throughout the week for more quotes and interesting articles related to this.

Success Tip 12 How to Build Your Belief So You Can Start Achieving More


How to Build Your Belief So You Can Start Achieving More


It has been said by many goal setting and personal development experts that you must believe in yourself and what your capable of in order to achieve anything worthwhile.

Some people set BIG goals, goals that can usually take years to accomplish, other people set smaller goals that can take week or months. Whether your goals are big or small is all a matter of perspective. What might seem big to you may seem small to someone else and what might seem small to you might seem impossible to others.

So how are we going to find goals that are neither to small or too big?

We want to find goals that are in our sweet spot. The sweet spot being that goal which requires us to get up and do something in order to achieve it, knowing we can achieve it because its big enough to get us excited but not so big that it discourages us.

Achieving BIG goals is basically achieving several small goals leading to the big goals.

Several sweet spot goals achieved together leading to the achievement of a bigger goal, that’s how we’re going to do this.

Here’s a recommended exercise to help you build belief in yourself and finding out which goals you should pursue and if they are in your sweet spot.

1. Grab a piece of paper and pen. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and that allows you to concentrate.
2. Take a few minutes (10) max and write down all the goals you can think of.
You should be writing down what you want to accomplish/achieve or get over the next six months.
3. Next to each goal you have listed I want you to put a number between 1 – 10
1 being absolutely no belief you’ll get it within the next 6 months. And 10 being absolutely confident you will get it within the next 6 months.

Take a few minutes to really tune in, ask yourself “How strong is my belief that I can achieve this?”

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4. Find 1 or 2 goals that are either a 7 or 8 because these are the goals within your sweet spot. Meaning, you know you can achieve this but its going to take some work. You’ll know when something is in your sweet spot because you’ll get excited about working towards achieving that.
Once you’ve achieved a goal that was in your sweet spot, move onto a goal that is either a 6 or 7 and start working towards achieving that. You may also notice that the numbers will change over time because your belief will be growing throughout this process of going after the things in your sweet spot.

Everyone has busy, hectic lives so I do recommend writing down and reviewing your goals daily, multiple times a day. Get a burning desire for their achievement.

It’s also important to not set a time limit on achieving these goals. Here’s why.

Let’s say you have a goal of losing 30lbs in 2 months.

Remember how I say we all have busy, hectic lives? Well, things happen that often throw us off track a little.
So, 50 days into you pursuing your goal of losing 30lbs you realize that you’ve only lost 10lbs. Since you set a time limit on achieving your goal you start to realize that time is almost up so you begin to start stressing and doubting you’ll achieve it. As a result your anxiety and frustration build essentially stopping you in the process of pursuing that goal.

Its not the achievement of a goal that matters, its about learning, growing and enjoying the process of working towards that goal and once you’ve achieved it, have another goal ready to go so you can maintain your momentum.

Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals at once. 1 or 2 decent sized goals in your sweet spot is plenty to keep you occupied.

Too many goals at once can leave you feeling like butter being spread to thinly over a large piece of toast.


What’s on your list?

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Success Tip 27 Creating Space for Increased Productivity, Energy and Happiness


Success Tip #27

Creating Space for Increased Productivity, Energy and Happiness.

Have you ever had the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed out, frustrated and anxious?

It’s not a pleasant feeling. It actually creates disharmony in our bodies and minds and causes us to lose focus and get stuck in a rut. It can even create illness in our bodies.

So why not eliminate the stress, anxiety, frustration and worry?

A peaceful mind creates power, unleashes creativity and allows us to fulfill our full potential.

stressedSo how do we do it.

Here is what I recommend.

We need to create space in our minds, in a sense empty our minds of everything that’s been cluttering up there throughout the day.

We can do this by practicing Meditation, Yoga, even going for a short walk if the weather permits.

Upon waking in the morning our minds will instantly pick up on whatever is going on, its very susceptible to influence.

Ever wonder why people who watch the news first thing in the morning are more stressed and fearful than people who don’t? It’s because they are filling their minds with negativity first thing in the morning, which sets the tone for the rest of the day.

So what we want to do is upon waking in the morning, create some space for yourself and meditate or practice some Yoga. This way you’ll be much more refreshed and energized ready to tackle the day head on.

If you are of the religious type, feel free to practice morning prayer.

Throughout the day, strive for at least once. I say at least once because I know a lot of people reading this probably work all day 9 – 5 or some other crazy schedule. So at least once a day strive to find a quiet spot for 5 – 10 minutes, it could even be in your car and do the same thing, create some space for yourself and clear your mind.

Be mindful of what you surround yourself with before going to bed because your mind will retain whatever it there and sink deeper into your subconscious as you drift off to sleep.

I recommend not watching the news of being around loud noises. This has a tendency to keep our minds and bodies in a state of excitement and anticipation, no wonder so many people toss and turn throughout the night.

Be sure to create some space for yourself before going to bed and clear your mind of everything that’s happened throughout the day. You deserve a good nights rest.

Once you have cleared your mind it won’t stay that way for long. Your going to have to put something positive there so the negativity doesn’t creep back in.
I recommend reading positive, inspiring and uplifting books.

Listening to inspiring, uplifting audio programs.

Writing positive thoughts and affirmations on paper.


Once we become aware of our thoughts, we become empowered to change our thoughts to create a new reality. Its not going to be easy but once you begin to master it you’ll start experiencing increased productivity, energy and happiness.


Use these 2 Power Phrases to Have a Successful Week

Let’s make it a Great week this week with these 2 Power Phrases.

Getting ready to sit down and tackle a challenging or difficult task? Remember to use these 2 power phrases to get on track with the right mind-set.

Video (3:15)

Success Tip # 73


Success Tip #73
When sitting down to plan out your week, don’t forget to ask yourself;

What didn’t I accomplish last week that I should have accomplished?

It might be a small little goal, something easily pushed aside because you thought you could get to it later, but later never comes.

Keep in mind that its a combination of several small goals which lead to the accomplishment of a larger goal. Just as the combination of several successful and fulfilling days will lead to a successful and fulfilling week. Every little bit adds up.

Inefficiency has a way of slipping in secretly without our knowing and before long BAM!!!!! We’ve got all kinds of ineffective and time wasting things to do which don’t move us closer to our goals and we’ll always try to justify why watching 30 minutes of TV won’t hurt our progress.
Look for things that are stealing your time and energy and just say NO.
No to checking emails
No to all the things which rob us of valuable time we could be using to progress forward.

Put your plan in writing so its easy to spot what’s robing your time and what’s not. Chances are that if you don’t plan any TV time you won’t watch TV.

A simple daily check list of most important things to get done works wonders.

Get the most important things done first because as the day progresses you’ll get tired and things will get in the way of you getting those important things done. Get the important things done first and its harder to make excuses as to why you didn’t get those things done.

Try this for 7 days and let me know how it works.

Are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Almost 3 weeks into the new year.
When you hear the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” what do you think of?
Does that phrase conjure up positive or negative thoughts and emotions?

Maybe we should call it something else.

Maybe instead of calling it New Years Resolutions we can call them a promise to ourselves to change something we don’t like. Maybe that’s why so many people don’t like New Years Resolutions because they instantly associate the phrase with change and the struggle that comes along with changing our habits.

In order to change our lives for the better we have to get out of our comfort zone and do things differently and think differently too.

If you’ve gotten off track with your New Year’s Goal let’s get back on track and keep moving forward.

What are three 3 things you can do this week to move closer to that goal?

Join my Facebook group to leave a comment so we can hold each other accountable.  Jason’s Personal Empowerment and Success Mastermind Community


Why Wait for Perfect Conditions When You Can Easily …….

Hey Everyone!

Have you ever heard someone give an excuse for not starting something they want to do? A perfect example of this is when I hear people say “I’m going to start exercising” or “I’m going to start writing / finish that book I started writing” but something always comes up.

If this is you or someone you know I offer this Daily Success Quote in the hopes it will help motivate you to start pursuing your goals and dreams again.


“You cannot afford to wait for perfect conditions. Goal setting is often a matter of balancing timing against available resources. Opportunities are easily lost while waiting for perfect conditions.”

~ Gary Ryan Blair

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Let’s Try This Again – Take 2

Good Morning Everyone!

Here’s the deal folks,

I lost my blog. I’ve been working on it for 4 years.
So what happened??? My WordPress hosting expired and I didn’t renew it in time.
I had a blog backup service, but I couldn’t find my FTP server address so I wasn’t able to restore it. On top of that I forgot to pay the monthly fee for the backup and lost it too.
Looks like I’m starting fresh. Thankfully I still have my domain name. I’ve had it since 2008.

A Fresh New Look and a Fresh New Start.

This is gonna be Awesome!